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40+Strains From $3-$12 a Gram!





Flower Case-Atleast 20 Strains to Choose From $6 to $14 a gram and Pre-Roll Assortment is Always Changing 🙂 MENU BELOW

Edible Case– Growing Assortment of Edibles! We have a FRIDGE FULL of drinks and cakes too!!

Concentrate Case– A great Variety of Concentrates and Thc Products!

THE WALL – From Wraps, Papers, Screens and Cleaner To Pipes, Bongs, and Torches! You never know what you will find here at MEDUSA


  • What is it? We take 25 cents of our profit from each purchase made in our store. Then save it in our Quarter Jar. When this fund reaches $500 a member of the community will receive it!
  • How do we Choose who receives the money? You are the key to who gets this money. If you know anyone who needs it drop us their name and number.
  • Lets Be Real: We know everyone would love to have a little extra cash but we are looking at giving it to someone going through a genuine hardship, such as an illness, house fire, or any circumstance causing them financial grief. We also love to give to foster parents, community programs or outstanding citizens! 
  • When the Jar is FuLL of quarters we pick a nominee! Follow us on Social Media to stay updated! Links to our Facebook and Instagram at the top of the page.
  • So far this plan has affected the lives of many, including our team. When we talk about what we do with these quarters, we get to start seeing the true colors our patients shine and it sure makes us proud of our community! We are excited to say we have given away 3 jars!
  • Click this link to find the Go Fund Me For Shelby Martin, One of the receivers of our quarter plan

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 So Much More In Store! 



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