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Mon-Saturday 10am-8pm

We are on WEEDMAPS NOW!! The can find our full menu there and can even order ahead if you would like!


OUR BiRtHdAY Is October 31st!! CELEBRATE ALL MONTH WITH US! Surprise Deals and Give-Aways!!

We will kick off the month with a Patient Drive !! Friday Oct. 2nd 11am-4pm $25 Recommendations $25 Data Entry(optional) First come First Serve! 


THC INFUSED ICECREAM IS HERE!!! 250MG PINTS_Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee, and Coconut Sorbet!! $36 

50MG Chocolate Covered Bars-and 50MG Fruit Bars-Strawberry, Watermelon and Blueberry! $11


 Strains Available $6-$14 a gram!


NEW! 100mg Keef Soda!


Noble Nectar Plasma, Diamonds, Badder and Dab Tabs!


RedBud Carts $32 Out-the-Door Everyday!   


4 Cases FULLFlower CaseFlower, Pre-rolls, Moonrocks, CBD FLower EDIBLE CASE AND FRIDGE!PARAPHERNELIA CASECONCENTRATE CASEWax, Shatter, Badder, Crumble,Diamonds, Carts, RSO, Suppositories, Distallate, Lubricant, Tinctures, Distillate, Taffy, Hashish


Menu Is Constantly Growing and Changing 🙂



Congrats Zach for Winning 2 Harvest Fest Passes from us!

Flower Case-Atleast 20 Strains to Choose From $6 to $14 a gram and Pre-Roll Assortment is Always Changing 🙂 MENU BELOW

Edible Case– Growing Assortment of Edibles! We have a FRIDGE FULL of drinks and cakes too!!

Concentrate Case– A great Variety of Concentrates and Thc Products!

THE WALL – From Wraps, Papers, Screens and Cleaner To Pipes, Bongs, and Torches! You never know what you will find here at MEDUSA


  • What is it? We take 25 cents of our profit from each purchase made in our store. Then save it in our Quarter Jar. When this fund reaches $500 a member of the community will receive it!
  • How do we Choose who receives the money? You are the key to who gets this money. If you know anyone who needs it drop us their name and number.
  • Lets Be Real: We know everyone would love to have a little extra cash but we are looking at giving it to someone going through a genuine hardship, such as an illness, house fire, or any circumstance causing them financial grief. We also love to give to foster parents, community programs or outstanding citizens! 
  • When the Jar is FuLL of quarters we pick a nominee! Follow us on Social Media to stay updated! Links to our Facebook and Instagram at the top of the page.
  • So far this plan has affected the lives of many, including our team. When we talk about what we do with these quarters, we get to start seeing the true colors our patients shine and it sure makes us proud of our community! We are excited to say we have given away 3 jars!
  • Click this link to find the Go Fund Me For Shelby Martin, One of the receivers of our quarter plan

Daily Deals !!!

Menu Below ~ So Much More In Store! 

We try to keep the Menu updated but things change quick around here. Stop in or Call for availability.


All Paraphernalia, Strains, Edibles and Concentrates Are Not Pictured. Come Into Store to See everything 🙂 These pictures are not updated. Join us on Weedmaps for Complete Store Menu.

This menu changes all the time call for availability 918-713-8080

G13 X GENIUS– 18.87% THC


$11 a gram- $70 QuarterOTD

Mimosa-21.16% THC Sativa

$13 A gram-$73 Quarter

Girl Sout Cookie-29.6%


$13 a Gram

RoadKillz Skunk 20.45% THC-

$13 a gram-$73 Quarter

Goo Lala– 17.53% THC

Sativa Dominant

New Harvest is here!! $12 a gram

Black D.O.G.-  19.86% THC

Indica Dominant

$10 a gram – $66 Quarter


22.15% THC

Sativa Dom  SOLD OUT 

Straw Nanna- 24.27% THC

Indica Dominant

$13 a gram-$73 Quarter

Sold Out

Purple Punch-21.43% THC-Indica Hybrid

$11 a gram-$70 Quarter

Almost Gone

Bruce Banner-21.2% THC


$10 a gram-SOLD OUT

Icecream Cake- 26.6% THC Indica 

$13 a gram- $82 Quarter

Purple Gorilla- 21.07% THC Indica Dominant

$12 Gram-$73 Quarter

Sunset Sherbert-22.28% THC-Indica Dominant 

$13 a gram-$73 Quarter

Legend OG-21.33% THC-

Indica Dominant

$13 Gram -$73 Quarter-Almost Gone

Juicy Fruit -24.06% THC

Sativa Dominant

Sold Out

Sundae Driver-22.3% THC Indica Dominant

$12 a gram-$73 Quarter

Gelato-20.98% THC-Slightly Indica Dom

$11 a gram- $73 Quarter

Gorilla Glue #4 

21.73% THC-$12 gram

Skywalker- 22.99% THC

$10 a gram -$56 quarter-Its Back!

Wedding Cake-22.57% THC Hybrid

$12 a gram-$73 Quarter

Cement Shoes– 21.79% THC

Indica Dominant

$13 a gram-$73 Quarter Sold Out

Glueberry-Get Ya By Flower

$6 a Gram-$111 OZ

Pre-Rolls-$9.50-$11.50Girl Scout Cookies-Gorilla Zkittlez, Aloha Limone, TrainWreck, Glueberry, 


Vision- 20.87 THC Indica Dominant $10 gram-$10 Gram

Clemetine-17.79% THC

Sativa Dominant


Chocolate Nightmare-21.26%- Mostly Indica Dominant

$13 a gram-$73 Quarter-ITS BACK!

Chocolate Grape Diesel-28.87% THC


She-Hulk 19.66% Sativa Dominant

$12 a gram-$70 Quarter


Minerva Canna Deli Style $35 per gramSOLD OUT

Escalated Greens Pre-Packaged $35 a gram

Vape Carts



.3 Disposable $23.50

Paragon, Verde Pur, Helix, Buffalo Roze, Country Cannabis, 3Docs

Pint Icecream-$36 250mg

Vanilla, Chocolate, Coffee and Coconut Sorbet(Coconut is Vegan Also!)


50mg Icecream Bars: $11

Strawberry, Watermelon, Blueberry, Orange Sherbert (These are Vegan Also!!) 

50Mg Chocolate Covered Bars: $11

Vanilla Custard, Banana Cream, Coffee Cream, Peanut Butter Cup, and Cherry Sorbet

Canna Cafe Candy Bars- 200mg-2 for $50

 Galaxy Bar , Strawberry Milkshake, Cookies and Cream, Strawberry Crunch





Weeknd: Salted Dark Chocolate: 100mg-$21


Peanut Butter Cup

Cookies and Cream Cup- Sold Out

3 Docs Badder-

Moby Dick, Durban Poisoin, Amnesia Lemon Haze-1g $46.50

Amnesia Lemon Haze-.05g $28


Wax- $46.50

Banana Dick, Sins


Seeds 10 Seeeds for $20

White Widow 

9Lb Hammer

3 Docs Shatter  And Badder $46.50

Number 13, Skywalker Cookies, Durban Poison, Amnesia lemon Haze


Canna Cafe Strawberry Cheesecake! 100mg-sold out

2 Cakes for $35

Yum Yum Cake-100mg-Sold Out

Carrot Cake-100mg-Sold Out

White Moose 

Full Spectrum Live Resin-Mountain Oranges-Orange Rush $70

Alternative Remedies Lubricant _Essential Oil Blend focused on bringing blood to the surface to help “get you there” and THC to help relieve pain associated with being a Girl–cramps, endometriosis, general pain-$45

Minerva RSO Sold OUT

Bee Elevated-$35

3 Docs – FSO- $47

Bring in Diagnosis for 1 penny Rso + Longterm Price Discount

Vape Batteries- $10-$20

CBD Pet Products ON SALE



Horse Treats-$40

Koi Spray-$40

Watermelon Hard Candy 100 mg (10 10mg pieces) – $16

COOKIES 80 mg:Chocolate Chip Cookie- Peanut Butter Cookie- No Bake Cookie-Sugar Free Choc Chip Cookie available

2 for $26 (mix and match cookies and brownies)

Cocoa Sticks-50mg-$13

Canna Cafe Drinks-40mg-$14 or 2 for $26 Strawberry Lemonade, Cherry Limeade, Sweet Tea-Will Be Back Next Week

LOKAL-FULL SPECTRUM– 100mg Cookies and Cream or 100mg PB Cup $22-Sold Out

Brownie 80mg $15– Mix and Match with cookies 2 for $26

Caramel- 50 mg

LOKAL-Full Spectrum-1 Piece-$10

Canna Cafe 10-5mg each-$15

Evri- Concentrate Pen-$70 Sold

Dry Herb Vaporizer– Evolve-$32.99 Ishred-$65.99-sold

Dipper 2-n-1 Vaporizor $115-Sold

INFUSED COFFEE-$36 100mg per 4 pack-$32

Full Spectrum Edibles-LOKAL

100mg Choc Squares $23.50, 50mg Caramel $10, Choc PB Drops 100mg $23.50, Cookies+Cream cup 100mg $22

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